About Fine Chemicals

Looking towards the future of our Fine Chemicals Department

This new era calls for increasingly intricate and highly advanced products and materials.

The Fine Chemicals Department of Hokko Chemical Industry is continually improving its own original chemical technology centered around Grignard reaction. Moreover, with a vision of the future ever before its eyes, it is continuously striving to achieve its goal of new technological development.

Technology and Service

You might not be too familiar with the products of Hokko Chemical Industry. However, they are used in many things that you come across every day.

We are always pushing ourselves ahead with our motto “Pride in Technology”. Our Research, Development, Production and Sales departments always work together like a tight scrum, forever striving towards the provision of products of highest quality and excellent technological services.

Fine Chemical Products

Fine Chemical Products are manufactured at our Okayama Plant which has received ISO 9001 certificate.

The Okayama Plant

The Okayama Plant comprises a pilot plant and eight large and small plant for synthetic products.

Each product is manufactured efficiently in one of these plants that is best suited to its manufacturing process and quantity.

Custom Manufacturing

We have much experience in custom manufacturing utilizing Grignard reaction, which we have developed as our core technology.


Pharmaceutical and agrochemical compounds and intermediates of electronic chemical materials, raw materials of catalysts, and other organic industrial chemicals.

Areas of technology that are our strong point

  1. Grignard reaction
  2. Acetylation
  3. Chlorination
  4. Etherificatin
  5. Esterification
  6. Oxidation
  7. Tosylation
  8. Wittig reaction
  9. Metal alkoxide synthesis